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Happy Hour - 4:30 til whenever!

Following the Winner's Event. the bash to end all bashes!!

Wednesday, Dec 09

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HH 4:30

Following the Sr Championship

Wednesday, Sep 09
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New date to be set as we're able to have people actually attend!

Times call for a postponement...

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, Jul 08
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HH on the porch, 4:30 til whenever

Due to C-19, we are postponing this til later in the summer when, hopefully, many of you will want to attend!

Wednesday, Jun 10
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HH 4:30-

This event will be rescheduled for a time we can do more than visually being social!

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, Apr 22
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HH, 4:30 til whenever

Wednesday, Mar 11
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HH 4:30 til dawn!

Wednesday, Feb 12