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12/12 Individual

Wednesday, Dec 12
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Happy Hour at TBD

Though Christmas parties typically prevent us from partying in December, I've arranged with Barrio Star to have us come for a HH that Weds.

NOTE: After 11 PM on 12/7, response to this event will not be available on the website...

Wednesday, Dec 12
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Weekend Tournament of Champions

This event is Weekend Winners ONLY

I am the only one who can sign you up for this event.  I will sign up the winners after each of the weekend events.  Do NOT remove yourself from this event.  If you can't play, lets make that determination, together, much closer to the event date.

Sunday, Dec 09
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12/5 Event Winners & Wanna B’s Individual

UPDATE .. UPDATE: Make sure your pairing partners are aware of this update.

Here's a Third heads-up:

The Course Management has graciously given us the entire course for our event! That means there will be no public in front of us and they (the public) will start on the course only when we have finished (when our last group clears number 1), which is expected to be noon.

They have also permitted those who want to walk to do so, as long as it does not adversely affect Pace of Play.

The Shot-gun Start is now 7:30. REPEAT 7:30.

You have 2 choices to pay for the round:

  • before 7:00, go to the Pro Shop BEFORE beginning your round;
  • after 7:00, go to the Pro Shop after finishing the 18th hole and teeing off on 1.

If you do not pay according to the above instructions, a $20 fine will be assessed BY ME.

Pairings and Hole you are to start on will be posted Sunday. If you intend to walk, get a ride by someone with a cart in your group or the pairing before or after you to drag you and your clubs to your start hole. A Late Start may result in Penalties being assessed. 

We have 94 players and we will start on all 18 holes, only 6 holes have B pairing groups. You are to keep up with - or close the distance between you and - the group in front of you:

LATE FINISH (more than 4:30 hours WILL result in Penalties.

WRITE YOUR START TIME (first in the group tees off) AND FINISH TIME (last in the group make the group's last putt) on your scorecard.

3-month low index will be used. 

Winners in all flights, both Gross and Net, will have succeeded in earning a spot in next year's event!


Wednesday, Dec 05
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Board Meeting

Tuesday, Dec 04
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Last Chance Bromance Stableford 2-man

Net Double Bogey.......... - 3 points

Net Bogey...................... - 1 point

Net Par.......................... + 2 points

Net Birdie...................... + 5 points

Net Eagle...................... + 8 points

Net Double Eagle......... + 12 points

Sunday, Dec 02
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11/14 2-man team scramble

Wednesday, Nov 14
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Happy Hour at BARBUSA

Joey B will be expecting a flock of us to one of the best - if not THE best - HH locations we have. (Of course it's in the running with Nonna, the other frequented HH place by our Men's Club!)

Join us to kick off the holiday season and give thanks for the group of golfers and their better halves our club offers.

Those of you who don't come often or haave not been to a HH yet, give it a try. It's always a wonderful gathering of people who have more to offer than a golf comment like "I can't belive I missed that 2 foot putt" or " Did you see me jar it from 104 yards?"... give it a try: you'll enjoy it.

Bring your relevant other, your kids, your neighbors, your friends...anyone who's looking to add a bit of cheer to their day!

See you Weds the 14th.

Wednesday, Nov 14
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Board Meeting

Tuesday, Nov 13
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Annual Dick Hanson Memorial

Sunday, Nov 11
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11/7 Individual

Wednesday, Nov 07
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2-man Eclectic Championship

2-man Eclectic Championship Day 1: Saturday, Oct 27
2-man Eclectic Championship Day 2: Sunday, Oct 28
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10/24 4 man Team Better 2 of 4

Wednesday, Oct 24
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10/10 Individual

Wednesday, Oct 10
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Happy Hour at TBD

Wednesday, Oct 10
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The FALL CLASSIC Individual

Saturday, Oct 06
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Board Meeting

Tuesday, Oct 02
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9/26 Individual - toss three

Wednesday, Sep 26
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Happy Hour at TBD

Wednesday, Sep 26
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Are you the HERO, or are you the BUM ?

Sunday, Sep 23
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Annually Shadowridge donates a Certificate for 4 to play at their CC which we raffle off at our Annual Dinner.

We reciprocate with an Away Individual event played to then current handicaps (as all our Away competitions are).

Guests welcome.

Monday, Sep 17
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Sr. Club Championship

Sr. Club Championship Round 1: Tuesday, Sep 04
Sr. Club Championship Round 2: Wednesday, Sep 05
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8/22 2-man team scramble

Wednesday, Aug 22
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8/8 Individual

Wednesday, Aug 08
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Happy Hour at King & Queen Cantina (Kettner at Beech)

Wednesday, Aug 08
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Board Meeting

Tuesday, Aug 07
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BPMGC Match Play


BPMGC Match Play Round 1: Saturday, Aug 04
BPMGC Match Play Round 2: Sunday, Aug 05
BPMGC Match Play Quarter Finals: Saturday, Aug 11
BPMGC Match Play Semi Finals: Sunday, Aug 12
BPMGC Match Play Finals: Sunday, Aug 19
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7/25 Individual

Wednesday, Jul 25
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84th BPMGC Club Championship (P/T)

84th BPMGC Club Championship Round 1: Saturday, Jul 21
84th BPMGC Club Championship Round 2: Sunday, Jul 22
84th BPMGC Club Championship Round 3: Sunday, Jul 29
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7/11 Firecracker 4 man Results (and a bit of background)

A midsummer’s day celebration of the 4th of July brought out 76 players: 19 teams, divided into 2 flights.

A couple of players voiced their opinion that it was not a competitive event with the discounts to the handicaps (which is why there were multiple flights and a player could expect to contirbute to 55% of his team's scores), even more others expressed there view that this was one of the best events of the year! (Fireworks! Sparklers! Whoosh!!!)

Each 1st Place teammate (in each Flight) won $50; Second: $40; Third, $30 and Fourth, $25.

The teams who ultimately had the lowest Red Tee scores were among the top finishers! Surprise, surprise!! (So, if your team didn’t do well, start looking at your Red tees results!)

  Flight 1:

The 4th lowest handicap team in the flight took 1st Place with a Net 134: John Hoffman, Gale Van Nostern, Steve Klein and Peter Berk did, in fact, ham-and-egg their way to the top. 8 of their 20 scores from the Whites were tied for lowest by their teammates! (GVN tied for the Lowest Net score in the event from the Red tees at -3! Congratulations!)

A shot behind at 135 was the team of Tom Woliver, Larry Barron, Hedges Capers and Bill Guetz. Look at the Red Tees for the explanation!

Yet another shot behind at 136 were Curt Gammage, Joey Busalacchi, Dave Struwe and Mike McHugh. 

And still 1 more shot behind at 137 were Dennis Gjertson, Don Ericson John Thomas, and Jim Alford. Red tees, hello!!

  Flight 2:

Top of the heap were Glenn Crouch, Derek Evans, Kirk Crosswhite and Dana Levy at Net 134!!!

7 strokes behind at 141 were Darlo Clemens, Ray Prazen, Mike Sheppard and Manuel Alsina.

3rd, 3 strokes back at 144 were Dane Clingan, Bruce Rickard, Art Wells and Glenn Rose who REALLY ham-and-egged it with only 3 of their white scores were from multiple players having the same low scores! 17 of the 12 non-red scores were stand-alones! Wow! Particular shout-out goes to Manuel Alsina who shot 1 over Net par on his 4 Red tee holes

A single shot separated them from third at 145, 4th were Rob DeLacy, Frank Caso, Doug Hatfield and Barry O’Malley. TAKE SPECIAL NOTE: Frank Caso was the Red Tee man and did NOT succumb to the pressure of Hole 7, scoring a GROSS EAGLE 3, NET ALBATROSS 2 (TWO, that’s right), SUPERB!

It should be noted that Bill Miller was 3 under on his Red Tee holes.

And that John Diehl and Brian Lynn had  Gross 2, Net 1 on the 6th hole.

Well done, fellas.

Hope I didn’t overlook any spectacular results. Tell me if I did and I’ll send an addendum! 

With note of some pretty good results above, the booby prizes go to …..drum roll…..

  NOPE, not going there…

On to the CTP Competition:

Each Standard CTP Hole winner received $45 with $5 going to the kitty.

Each of the 3 Senior winners also won $45 with the kitty getting $25. 

            Standard                            Senior

Hole 6. Brian Lynn                            ---

Hole 9. Larry Chvatal                     Dana Levy

Hole 13. Steve Klein (See below)   Bob Gentles

Hole 17. Hedges Capers                 Peter Berk

  Note: for the 2nd time in 2 events someone (not counting our recent Sr HIO) was kick-in close on the 13th green. 

…and here is THE NOTE:

The player, Steve Klein, was at 4 inches from the hole. 

To avoid having a subsequent player get the benefit of ricocheting off the Proximity marker, I made the decision to STICK AN ORANGE TEE level with the ground at the point Steve would ordinarily have left the Proximity marker. 

BTW, this was the way we played it this year:

Both the Red Tee player’s score and the Better Net Ball of the White Tee players were the scores for the first 16 holes.

ALL PLAYERS USED the White Tees on the 17th and 18th holes; better 2 Net scores were the results for those holes.

There were 2 Flights. ALL PLAYERS were playing to 60% of their 3 month low handicaps. The highest handicap players were playing the 1st hole from the Red Tees, and every 4th hole thereafter.

Wednesday, Jul 11
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Happy Hour at Barbusa (Little Italy)

Wednesday, Jul 11
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Board Meeting

Tuesday, Jul 03
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The GEEZE and ME 2-man team

Sunday, Jul 01
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6/27 2 man Team - Best Ball

Wednesday, Jun 27
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Happy Hour at outdoor venue: Sorrento

Great setting, under a canopy on India Street a half block from the newly opened Piazza della Famiglia. 


Wednesday, Jun 27
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Boys of Summer

Sunday, Jun 24
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6/13 Individual

Wednesday, Jun 13
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Away event - first 40 paid attendees IF PAID BY 5/26 (this should have been 5/23; consider yourselves lucky for the extra 3 days) will receive a bonus payout upon placing in the money in a Flight! Guests are welcome.

NOTE: this is a WEDNESDAY event, a week before our initial at-Balboa June event and a week after our 5/23 2 Man BB at home.

Wednesday, Jun 06
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Board Meeting

Tuesday, Jun 05
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SCGA 2-man Qualifying (P/T)

Sunday, Jun 03
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5/23 2 man Team - Best Ball

Teammates play their own ball throughout and the lower NET score between them on each hole counts as the team score. This is NOT a scramble

All H/C's have been adjusted DOWN 10% as recommended by the SCGA for a 2 man Better Ball format; PLUS an additional 10% for those teams whose partners have greater than an 8 stroke difference, also as recommended by the SCGA.

Max score per hole: 12 strokes.

Play it down. 

Remember: if you do not keep up with the pairing in front of you you run the risk of having eah player penalized by 2 strokes.


Wednesday, May 23
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5/14 Away @ Twin Oaks

Monday, May 14
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Keep your Better Half 2 par 3’s/5 par 4’s/2 par 5’s

Saturday, May 12
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5/9 Individual

Wednesday, May 09
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Happy Hour at Queenstown (Little Italy)

Wednesday, May 09
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Board Meeting

Tuesday, May 01
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2-man team alternate shot


  • One ball is played per hole (unless a ball is lost and then 1 ball replaces it and is played until holed out. 
  • One player tees off; his partner hits the 2nd shot. Original teeing partner hits the 3rd and so forth, that is, alternate.
  • One ball is played; one score will be the recorded per hole.
  • Decide in advance who will be teeing off on the First hole: 
  • That Player will Tee off on odd holes (1, 3, 5, 7, ….); his partner will Tee off on Even holes (2, 4, 6, 8,…). No player is to tee off on consecutive holes.
  • Player Teeing off will decide on which ball to play on that hole (his or his partner’s). DO NOT SWITCH BALLS IN THE MIDDLE OF A HOLE. (If you have a lost ball on a hole, the player who teed off should replace his ball with another of the same kind.)
  • The player with the lower hc will get 60% of his hc strokes added to 40% of the hc of the higher hc player. This will determine the Team HC.
  • Play the ball down.
  • Play ready golf.

Wednesday, Apr 25
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Earth Day Invitational

Sunday, Apr 22
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4/11 Individual

Wednesday, Apr 11
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Happy Hour at Barrio Star (5th Ave)

Wednesday, Apr 11
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Board Meeting

Tuesday, Apr 03
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3/21 4-man team ABCD - Blind Draw

The course is being punched on 3/28. I was just advised of this. The date of the event is moved up a week...

Wednesday, Mar 21
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3/19 Away @ Lomas Santa Fe CC

Monday, Mar 19
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Presidents Cup

Presidents Cup Day 1: Sunday, Mar 18
Presidents Cup Day 2: Sunday, Mar 25
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3/14 Individual

Wednesday, Mar 14
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Happy Hour at Carnitas Snack Shack (Embarcadero)

Wednesday, Mar 14
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Board Meeting

Tuesday, Mar 06
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March Madness Conquistador Classic

Sunday, Mar 04
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3 clubs & a putter

Wednesday, Feb 28
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Happy Hour at Nonna

PLEASE NOTE: the 14th is Valentine's Day so we've chnged the date to the SECOND Wednesday event which is 2/28.

Repeat: the 28th not the 14th....

Got it?

Wednesday, Feb 28
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2/14 Individual


Wednesday, Feb 14
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Humpty Dumpty Memorial Scramble (NP)

Welcome Back to 2018!

New year-new rules.  If you are 62 or older and have a 16 handicap or higher, you are playing from the Whites.  Regardless of age, if your handicap is 16 or above, you are playing the Whites.  If you are 62, and your handicap is between 10 and 16, you can play the whites, just let me know.  

For this event, it would be helpful if you and your partner played the same tees.  So, choose wisely, or just enter, and I'll choose a partner for you.

Sunday, Feb 11
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Board Meeting

Tuesday, Feb 06
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This occasionally annual event is put together by our own Gary Matthews, and is an unofficial event.  A lot of good players going off in a shotgun in morning before the Superbowl in a giant skins game.  Stay tuned to see if it is going to happen, but I will say this.  The more people that sign up early, the better the likelyhood that it could happen.

Sunday, Feb 04
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1/24 2-man Pinehurst

Wednesday, Jan 24
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Annual Dinner

WHERE: The Old Spaghetti Factory in the Gaslamp area

When: Tuesday, 1/16

  • No-host bar from 5 pm.
  • Brief Meeting to elect the new Board and other high profile matters
  • Dinner: 6 pm

Menu (and some of you haven't old me yet what you want):

  • Salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing
  • Choices of entrees
  •      Meat Lover’s Treat: Sicilian Meatballs, Italian Sausage and Spaghetti with rich meat sauce. 
  •      Baked Lasagna
  •      Chicken Marsala
  • Gluten-Free pasta available.
  • If you’re Vegan/vegetarian, we’ll order for you separately, but I need to know in advance.
  • Vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Drawings for 

  •    At least 3 Gift Certificates for 4-somes from several of our Away golf courses,  
  •    About 30 Gift Certificates from several Happy Hour restaurants
  •    the ReadeRest eye glass clips (that you may have seen me wear on my shirt (as seen on Shark Tank)) along with a special one-time discount to buy from the company, and
  •    that crowd favorite: over $1,000 in CA$H, from the night’s drawings AND as set aside by Treasurer Larry Chvatal!

WE’RE RESTRICTED TO 100 ATTENDEES those registering AND PAYING will be guaranteed to be admitted (and fed)! There is room for about a dozen more....

  •     You can make a check out to me and 
  •         (a) hand it to me at 1/10 course events,
  •         (b) leave it for me in the pro shop in an envelope, or
  •         (c) pay me on-line at
  •             Venmo: @Peter-Berk
  •                 or
  •             Squarecash: $berkabee1


  • UNTIL 1/10/18 (first Weds event of the year): $40 
  • After 1/10/18, while it is unlikely any late comers will be accepted, cost will be $50.

DON’T FORGET: When entering, I need to know what your entree orders(or special dietary restrictions) are. Easiest approach is to ORDER when SIGNING ON!! Don’t leave it to chance that you’ll remember later..after all, Charlie (Chance) has been really busy lately.

See (a hundred of) you January 16th.

Tuesday, Jan 16
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Team Play

Team Play: Saturday, Jan 13
Team Play: Saturday, Jan 20
Team Play: Saturday, Jan 27
Team Play: Saturday, Feb 03
Team Play: Saturday, Feb 10
Team Play: Saturday, Feb 17
Team Play round of 32: Saturday, Mar 17
Team Play round of 16: Saturday, Mar 24
Team Play Quarter Finals: Saturday, Mar 31
Team Play Semi Finals: Saturday, Apr 07
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1/10 Individual

Wednesday, Jan 10