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The 18-hole course is unavailable!


The course has a Torrey Pines morning shotgun that would necessitate our tee time being after noon should our event be held. We would likely not be able to complete an 18 hole event.

Wednesday, Dec 18
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Update - The Winners' Event 
The City has advised that first tee time on 12/11 will be at 6:30, either by the Men’s Club or the general public. 

  • While we initially expected to have a 7:30 reverse shotgun, the city’s intent to have the General Public have the tee times until we do actually tee off (with resultant horrendous impact on Pace of Play) we have initiated a 2-fold approach to be able to manage our own Pace of Play: 


  1. First, we will have 4 of our pairings start at 6;30, 6:376:45 and 6:52.
  2. Second, the rest of the event pairings will tee off at 7:00 in a reverse shotgun approach, utilizing holes 1, 18, 17,...and so forth back to hole 10.

Each group is to keep up with the group in front of them and insure that all groups are finished in no more than 4 hours and 20 minutes...that being 11:20 if the shotgun literally starts at 7:00 a.m.


  • The door closes on sign-ups at 11 p.m. Friday night. Remember, payouts will be greater - and deeper - than for the rest of our Wednesday events.

Preliminary pairings and tees will be posted Saturday morning.

Wednesday, Dec 11
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You CAN'T enter this one. But you CAN play if you Won.

Winners Only.  If you win any of the weekend events, gross or net, individual or team, you are IN

Sunday, Dec 08
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...and there there's 1!

Last HH for the Club this year. At one of our - if not THE - BEST... Barbusa, hosted by Joey and PJ.

It's in Little Italy, near Fir and Grape on India. We've been there before: they are gracious, welcoming and serving great eats and drinks.

Come celebrate a fabulous year. Bring your spouses, friends and all the player buddies! 


Bring your better 2/3rds!

Sign up now...

Wednesday, Dec 04
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Both players points totaled together

Just like last year.  You, your partner, and a quest for points.

Team event = Net event

  • Points are earned (or lost) as follows:
  • - 3 for a net double bogey (maximum you can make)
  • - 1 for a net bogey
  • Zero for a net par
  • + 2 for a net birdie
  • + 5 for a net eagle
  • + 9 for a net double eagle (do better than that, and we cut you handicap in half!)

Sunday, Dec 01
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Partner event 2 Man Better Ball

Wednesday, Nov 13
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Individual, with overall Low Net being our Champion

This event may be changing dates, and perhaps moving to a Wednesday as well.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, Nov 10
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Wednesday, Nov 06
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We have 2 opps left for HH's this year so we're trying a new place in November and and time-tested one in December.

Let me know if you're going to attend the one this next Weds 11/6, by signing up now/soon and tell me if you're bringing someone while you're at itin the pairing section of the signup sheet.

Good location (near the ball park and there's no game!) so parking should be ample (or a short walk from the trolley), ambiance, service, prices, and wonderful food! And then there will be all your friends who'll be there expecting to see you!

Wednesday, Nov 06
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Better Ball of 2 partners

Wednesday, Oct 23
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2 day Best Ball of Best Balls, with yourself and a Guest of your choosing

Let's try something different.  Invite a friend, family member, business associate, whoever.  Just someone who is NOT a member at Balboa.  Just a weekend of golf, with maybe an extracurricular activity or two away from the Club as well.

Round 1: Saturday, Oct 19
Round 2: Sunday, Oct 20
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Wednesday, Oct 09
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Our last Away event of the year is CC of RB, September 30, a customary  Monday. It’s a 9:00 shotgun. 

Payment by September 15 gets you in for $95 which includes Green Fee, Cart, Range Balls, Flight and CTP competitions. $5 additional would get you in a Net Skins competition. After that the door to sign up will get you to the Waitlist, openings permitted.

We're only at 25 signed up and we've guaranteed 50. I'm getting nervous...please sign up soon.

Guests are welcome for $70 (net of the flight competition and excluding Net Skins competition), though they can pay an additional $5 for the CTP competition.


 Show Less

Monday, Sep 30
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Named after a former President, we swapped the names to protect his identity

It's an Individual.  You know the drill.

Sunday, Sep 29
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Wednesday, Sep 25
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Four man Blind Draw. Best net score and worst net score added for team score

Way more fun than you might think.  There will be lots of side games, like net Hero skins, net Bum skins, CTP's.  Did I mention the incredible weather?

Sunday, Sep 08
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Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Our 1st event of September is the 2-day Sr. Championship. Following the 2nd round, on September 4, we will have a  Happy Hour to celebrate participating! 

1/2 block from the Piazza della Famiglia, Date and India.

Sign ups are open!

Wednesday, Sep 04
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Here you go, guys; the preliminary (and probably final) tee times for Tuesday's round will be on the website momentarily. Wednesday's round is likely to look a lot like Tuesday's for your tee times. if there are MAJOR changes I will post a new sheet, otherwise show up for the same times (except the last 2 groups who may move up 7 minutes).

  • 12 4-somes, largely compiled by handicaps, except for the several that asked to be paired with a fellow competitor.
  • 4 flights as reasonably as I could make them.
  • PLEASE keep up with the group in front of you. No maximum scores; no gimmes. 
  • There will be Day Money.

PAY ME BEFORE YOU TEE OFF or you will be disqualified!

  • 2 day players $20 + $10 (CTP) = $30
  • 1 day competitors $15 + $5 (CTP) = $20

Round 1: Tuesday, Sep 03
Round 2: Wednesday, Sep 04
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Toss out your worst Par 3, Par 4, and Par 5 and Enjoy the other 15!

Wednesday, Aug 28
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Happy Hour

You know the UN-routine: another opp to be with friends and celebrate summer.


Good eats, good drinks, good pricing, super service! A happening place!

Wednesday, Aug 14
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The Default Tees are to be WHITE, though the web page hasn't correct it from the blue indicated yet...

Just your basic Individual....another chance to get to the Winners and WannaBe's event in December.

Sign up now!

Wednesday, Aug 14
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Individual stroke play, low gross and net winners in each flight.

Again, an Individual with all the fixings!

Sunday, Aug 11
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Monday, Aug 05
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Wednesday, Jul 24
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3 rounds. Low Gross total is our Club Champ

This is what many have built their summer schedules around.  Three rounds from the Blues to determine our 85th Club Champion.  Saturday, Sunday, and Sunday, July 20th, 21st, and 28th.

Round 1: Saturday, Jul 20
Round 2: Sunday, Jul 21
Round 3: Sunday, Jul 28
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4 man team, fixed rotation of 1 player each hole hitting from the red tees...

Wednesday, Jul 10
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Firecracker HH

Morning: the annual Firecracker event; afternoon a firecracker of a happy hour: 4:30 til dark! 


Wednesday, Jul 10
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Two man team event. One Geeze, one non-Geeze

A "Geeze", for our purposes, is someone over the age of 62.  Or has a handicap of 18 or more.  Or perhaps both.  Everyone else is a non-Geeze.  Pair yourself up accordingly, or I will do it for you.  An event not to be missed!  By the way, Geezes play the whites, their non-Geeze partners play the blues.

Sunday, Jul 07
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Better Ball of 2

Remember, net lower net score of the teammates...

Wednesday, Jun 26
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Lets welcome the Summer with an Individual

Pretty much the same old same old.

Sunday, Jun 23
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Wednesday, Jun 12
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Warmer weather happy hour fest

We’ll find another patio for our spring into summer HH.

Join those who already know the delight of friends, feasts and a libation or 2.

Or 3.

Location IS determined!!

10 Barrel Brewing

1501 E Street


see you there

Wednesday, Jun 12
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8 am shotgun

LET ME CLARIFY PAYMENTS DUE: Some have merely sent the Green Fee portion as they haven't read the rest of the information.

First 80 PAID MEMBER signees will pay $75 (+$5 for Optional Net Skins = $80)for the green fees (including range balls, carts, and lunch), and flight and CTP competitions. (Guests: $55 + $5 for CTP.)

After the first 80, the cosis $80 + optional $5 for the Net Skins. (Guests: $60 + optinal $5 for CTP.)

Anyone unpaid by 5/3 will go on a Wait List.

Monday, Jun 03
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Just two men, and their best

Pretty straight forward.  Net best ball of partners.  The top two teams overall move on to represent Balboa at the SCGA two man later in the year.  The usual CTP's and opt. Gross Skins too.  Winners must both play from the Blue tees.

Sunday, Jun 02
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2-man scramble

Both players e off. Select better shot. 

Both players hit a second shot from within a c;in length of where chosen shot came to rest. 

‘Proceed along the same line until ball is holed.

DO NOT HIT OUT OF TURN (that is 2 shots by the same player, notably putting, for example from 15 feet and then immediately a tap-in).

Wednesday, May 22
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Wednesday, May 08
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Happy happy hour

Went to a new spot ROVINO (RO-tisserie and Vino (wine), get it?? , in Little Italy.

Kettner between Hawthorn and Grape, west side of the street, next to Waterfron Bar.

GOOOOD food, goood pricing, superb service... and Wednesdays is extra $$ off the price of a bottle of REALLY good wine!

Walk, trolley, even drive and park! Join those who want golf and more!

4:30-6:00 or 6:30 or ....

Please Sign-up so I can get a count for our new BFF's!

Wednesday, May 08
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Keep 2 par 3's, 5 par 4's, and 2 par 5's

Time to bust out the Tecate's and celebrate Cinco de Mayo, everyones favorite American drinking holiday, with a round of golf.  You are going to end up with a 9 hole score by keeping your best two par 3's and 5's, along with your 5 best par 4's.  Now, some holes are better than others, so just play hard, and let me figure out which holes you are keeping.  Plus all the usual CTP, opt. Gross skins, play the blues, whites, yada yada yada.

Sunday, May 05
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2-Man Alternate Shot

This is a Play-It-Down, Non-postable event.

As written previously:

Player 1 tees off on odd numbered holes, player 2 on even numbered holes.

NOTE: ON THE PAR 3's: ALL WHO ARE IN A CTP COMPETITION tee off for the CTP competition only (several are in neither: you don't tee off). What that's saying is, If it's not your hole for your alternating tee shot, take a tee shot for the CTP competitions anyway: you can mark it for CTP but then pick the ball up: it is NOT to be used for the alternating part of the event.

After the tee shot, your playing partner hits the next shot, then you and so forth until the ball is holed out. (The next TEE shot is hit by the guy who DIDN'T hit i he tee shot on the whole just completed.)

Hey, figure it out...

Wednesday, Apr 24
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The "TWIST" on Wednesday's event is off.   We'll score everything the regular way, low gross plus low net on each flight.

We will play lift, clean and place given the presence of some plugs from the recent aeration.

...and there may yet be a twist.... in MAXIMUM SCORE ON ANY GIVEN HOLE... stay tuned..


Wednesday, Apr 10
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Eat, drink and be merry!

We’re going to give Jimmy’s FAT (Famous American Tavern) in Point Loma just past the airport and Marine Depot another go! 

Patio seating! Great setting.

4:30 until you can’t eat or drink anymore, he said merrily!

Wednesday, Apr 10
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Our annual Club Match Play....6 wins from Victory

  • Saturday  March 30th...1st round of Matches ( 64 to 32 )
  • Sunday  March 31st...2nd round of Matches ( 32 to 16 )
  • Sunday  April 7th...3rd round of Matches ( 16 to 8 ) must be played on or before this date.
  • Sunday  April 28th...4th round of Matches ( 8 to 4 ) must be played on or before this date.
  • Saturday  May 4th...Semifinal Matches ( 4 to 2 ) must be played on or before this date.
  • Saturday  May 11th...Final Match ( 2 to Champion) must be played on or before this date.


Round 1 (64 to 32): Saturday, Mar 30
Round 2 (32 to 16): Sunday, Mar 31
Round 3 (16 to 8): Sunday, Apr 07
Round 4 (8 to 4): Sunday, Apr 28
Semi-Finals (4 to 2): Saturday, May 04
Finals (2 to Champion): Saturday, May 11
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2 Better Balls of 4.

Wednesday, Mar 27
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2 Day combined score MAJOR

Our 1st Major of the Season.  2 rounds played on Sat. & Sun. March 16 & 17.  Low net score cumulative over the 2 rounds is our Champion.  Day money, CTP, optional Gross skins both days.  Champion MUST play from the Blue tees.  Lots of bonus money too.

Round 1: Saturday, Mar 16
Round 2: Sunday, Mar 17
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Standard Individual

Wednesday, Mar 13
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Happy Hour at Nonna

4:30 to 6:30 or whenever!

Another Busalacchi gem.

Join us!

Wednesday, Mar 13
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Individual stroke play, low gross and net winners in each flight.

A fancy name for what amounts to a regular old individual event.  

9 handicaps and below play the Blues.  10 handicaps and above (or 62 years and above) can play the whites, in their own flight(s), if they let me know in the remarks when they enter, otherwise you'll be playing (and perhaps singing) the Blues.  CTP's from both tees, and optional Gross skins from the blues.

Sunday, Mar 03
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Bring no more than 3 clubs and 1 putter...Individual, non posted

Bring only 3 standard clubs and a putter to the course that day. 

More clubs will result in disqualification.

Get to the tee on time; late arrival will result in a penalty stroke or disqualification.

Keep up with the group in front of you: greater than 15 gap to the group in front of you may result in a 2-stroke penalty, depending on your scheduled tee time.

We're likely to be playing Lift, Clean, Place (within a scorecard length - no nearer the hole - of the original lie without impoving your lie from rough to fairway, or from 1st cut to green) and Hit. PLAY READY GOLF.

Short tee hitters: hit first, eh? 

Wednesday, Feb 27
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Fairbanks Ranch CC: Clarifications

Monday 2/25

9 AM 


First Flight plays from the White Tees.

    Balance of Men to play from the Gold Tees.

    Women to play from the Green Tees unless you have a handicap under 10 and prefer to play Golds.

Valley course will be played as first 9 holes on your scorecard; the Lake course as holes 10-18 on your scorecard

There are A and B pairings on the par 4’s and 5’s

Find your cart and feel free to change cart partners FROM WITHIN YOUR PAIRING GROUP. 

Do not exchange someone from a different pairing group into your group.

I will post the scores for those who have given me ghin numbers.

I will be taking the scorecards home to tally the results, which will be posted and reported within a day.

Arrangements will be made to pay those who win $$$.

I'm sure I omitted SOMETHING but we'll deal with it later it it's really a problem.

Monday, Feb 25
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Team Play / Information ONLY

Our Saturday Team Play Captain Kirk Williamson will be in charge of these events.  Signing up will only be an "expression of interest", not a guarantee of a spot on the team this week.

Saturday, Feb 23
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Team Play / Information ONLY

Our Saturday Team Play Captain Kirk Williamson will be in charge of these events.  Signing up will only be an "expression of interest", not a guarantee of a spot on the team this week.

Saturday, Feb 16
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Wednesday, Feb 13
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4:30-6:00 +

My oversight: we have a happy hour at Joey's place Wednesday the 13th.

He was Host of the Year in about a little socializing there after our Individual event earlier in the day??

Signing up would be nice but come on over even if you don't sign up. (Maybe email me to let me know??)

Wednesday, Feb 13
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2 egg, I mean Man, Scramble

A  two man scramble, which means find a partner.  Both tee off.  Pick the best shot.  Both hit from there.  Repeat this until your ball is in the hole.  Go to next tee. Do it again.   This, as all our team events, will be a net event (with perhaps an overall low net..and low gross??).  The team handicap will be 44% of the lowest handicapper added to 22% of the highest handicapper, rounded to 1 decimal point.

Sunday, Feb 10
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Team Play / Information ONLY

Our Saturday Team Play Captain Kirk Williamson will be in charge of these events.  Signing up will only be an "expression of interest", not a guarantee of a spot on the team this week.

Saturday, Feb 09
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Team Play / Information ONLY

Our Saturday Team Play Captain Kirk Williamson will be in charge of these events.  Singing up will only be an "expression of interest", not a guarantee of a spot on the team this week.

Saturday, Feb 02
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Team Play / Information ONLY

Our Saturday Team Play Captain Kirk Williamson will be in charge of these events.  Signing up will only be an "expression of interest", not a guarantee of a spot on the team this week.

Saturday, Jan 26
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2-man Pinehurst

Pinehurst is the format we’ll play of the day: 

  •    both players drive from the tee, 
  •    their next shots are THE RESULT OF THEIR PARTNER’S DRIVE¡
  •    Next shot is the better of the 2 second shots HIT BY THE OWNER OF THE BALL (Your logo: your shot; if it’s your partners logo: his shot), 
  •    then alternate the rest of the way until the ball is holed out.

So get a partner or I can pair you up, but let’s go get ‘em.

Wednesday, Jan 23
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Individual stroke play, low gross and net winners in each flight.

Welcome back to BPMGC's Weekend Warriors!

Just a simple individual event, with CTP's (from both tees) and optional Gross Skins game (from the Blues only).  Please indicate in the remarks when you enter, what tees you want to play from.  9 and below play the Blues.  10 and above can play either whites or blues, as can 62 years old and above (as long as your hdcp is above a 10).  The whites will compete in their own flight(s), and have their own CTP's.  However, if you don't let me know in will be playing (and/or singing) the Blues.

Sunday, Jan 20
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Team Play / Information ONLY

Our Saturday Team Play Captain Kirk Williamson will be in charge of these events.  Signing up will only be an "expression of interest", not a guarantee of a spot on the team this week.

Saturday, Jan 19
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Individual stroke play, low gross and net winners in each flight.

Our 1st golf event of 2019.  Just remember, missing your tee time because you "over did it" at the Annual Dinner the night before is NOT an excuse!

Wednesday, Jan 09
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2018 Season Wrap Up Dinner

January 8 at 5 pm at The Olde Spaghetti Factory. 275 Fifth Avenue, downtown.

This is our first literal Invitation to our 6th Annual Awards Dinner.

Only 42 of our club members responded to my earlier email about preferred meals at a new location (36 said they’d attend!) and Away Events.

Accordingly, after comparing the 2 locations offerings, general restrictions and pricing considerations, I have committed to The Olde Spaghetti Factory, sight of 3 of our previous 5 Dinners, over Admiral Baker.

The date is Tuesday, January 8.

The open bar will open at 5:00.

Dinner will be approximately 6:15.

WITH ONE CONSIDERATION (below), it will be a choice of 

  •    Meat Lover’s Treat
  •    Chicken Marsala
  •    Lasagna
  • Salad, Bread and Ice Cream Dessert are included.

The consideration mentioned above is, as their upstairs drinking and eating area holds 115 people, 

  For the first 100 members, there is a choice of 3 entrees available.

If more than 100 sign up, you wil be on a Wait List.

(Btw: each of the previous years we have added about 10 more to the prior year dinner list, growing from 51 to 92 last year, so 100+ is in sight.)

Drinks are individually billed.

Price, IF PAYMENT IS RECEIVED by November 20, is $32.

Price from November 21 until Christmas, IF PAYMENT RECEIVED DURING THAT PERIOD, will be $37.

Thereafter, if there is room, $50

Commitment but Non-payment will be deducted from your Club Credits.

If you have a credit balance with the Men’s Club, it will automatically be used when you sign up so you have 1 less thing to worry about and I won’t have to run you down your payment!

Along the same lines, we WILL be having Away Events next year. The 42 guys who responded to my earlier inquiry indicated they wanted Away Events. 

They picked:

  •      Fairbanks Ranch CC 
  •      Lomas Sta Fe CC  
  •      CC of Rancho Bernardo  
  •      Bernardo Heights CC (as revised)

in that order as the courses they wanted us to commit to. (Bernardo Heights was not on the original list due to its distance from here; it could be added if enough of you indicate you’d like that one as well.) 

For those committing to an Away Event and who have credits with the Club, it has been arranged that those credits would be used to pay for that Away Event. (This is NOT to be done for at-Balboa events.) 

Such payments would qualify for the 20% Early Bird payment bonuses (when you place in the Flight competitions).

So, please, PLEASE, PLEASE sign up early. 

It’s Member’s Only; no spouses, girlfriends, neighbors or pets…those are for our post-Wednesday Happy Hours only!

Tuesday, Jan 08