Event Details Balboa Park Golf Course, Major Event

Event Dates
Tuesday, Sep 03 (Round 1)
Wednesday, Sep 04 (Round 2)
Event Format
Event Director
Bob Grassa

12-Month Low Handicap Index will be used for this event.

White Tees (68.7/119) will be used for this event.

with applicable adjustment to their Course Handicap per USGA rule 3-5.

Event Description

Here you go, guys; the preliminary (and probably final) tee times for Tuesday's round will be on the website momentarily. Wednesday's round is likely to look a lot like Tuesday's for your tee times. if there are MAJOR changes I will post a new sheet, otherwise show up for the same times (except the last 2 groups who may move up 7 minutes).

  • 12 4-somes, largely compiled by handicaps, except for the several that asked to be paired with a fellow competitor.
  • 4 flights as reasonably as I could make them.
  • PLEASE keep up with the group in front of you. No maximum scores; no gimmes. 
  • There will be Day Money.

PAY ME BEFORE YOU TEE OFF or you will be disqualified!

  • 2 day players $20 + $10 (CTP) = $30
  • 1 day competitors $15 + $5 (CTP) = $20

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