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Weekend Tournament of Champions

This event is Weekend Winners ONLY

I am the only one who can sign you up for this event.  I will sign up the winners after each of the weekend events.  Do NOT remove yourself from this event.  If you can't play, lets make that determination, together, much closer to the event date.

Sunday, Dec 09
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Last Chance Bromance Stableford 2-man

Net Double Bogey.......... - 3 points

Net Bogey...................... - 1 point

Net Par.......................... + 2 points

Net Birdie...................... + 5 points

Net Eagle...................... + 8 points

Net Double Eagle......... + 12 points

Sunday, Dec 02
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2-man Eclectic Championship

2-man Eclectic Championship Day 1: Saturday, Oct 27
2-man Eclectic Championship Day 2: Sunday, Oct 28
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The FALL CLASSIC Individual

Saturday, Oct 06
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Are you the HERO, or are you the BUM ?

Sunday, Sep 23
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The GEEZE and ME 2-man team

Sunday, Jul 01
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Boys of Summer

Sunday, Jun 24
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SCGA 2-man Qualifying (P/T)

Sunday, Jun 03
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Keep your Better Half 2 par 3’s/5 par 4’s/2 par 5’s

Saturday, May 12
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Earth Day Invitational

Sunday, Apr 22
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March Madness Conquistador Classic

Sunday, Mar 04
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Humpty Dumpty Memorial Scramble (NP)

Welcome Back to 2018!

New year-new rules.  If you are 62 or older and have a 16 handicap or higher, you are playing from the Whites.  Regardless of age, if your handicap is 16 or above, you are playing the Whites.  If you are 62, and your handicap is between 10 and 16, you can play the whites, just let me know.  

For this event, it would be helpful if you and your partner played the same tees.  So, choose wisely, or just enter, and I'll choose a partner for you.

Sunday, Feb 11
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This occasionally annual event is put together by our own Gary Matthews, and is an unofficial event.  A lot of good players going off in a shotgun in morning before the Superbowl in a giant skins game.  Stay tuned to see if it is going to happen, but I will say this.  The more people that sign up early, the better the likelyhood that it could happen.

Sunday, Feb 04