Event Details Balboa Park Golf Course, Weekday Event

Event Date
Wednesday, Jul 11
Event Format
7/11 Firecracker 4 man Results (and a bit of background)
Event Director
Peter Berk

3-Month Low Handicap Index will be used for this event.

White Tees (68.7/119) will be used for this event.

NOTE - Some players may be designated to play from the red tees with applicable adjustment to their Course Handicap per USGA rule 3-5.

Event Description

A midsummer’s day celebration of the 4th of July brought out 76 players: 19 teams, divided into 2 flights.

A couple of players voiced their opinion that it was not a competitive event with the discounts to the handicaps (which is why there were multiple flights and a player could expect to contirbute to 55% of his team's scores), even more others expressed there view that this was one of the best events of the year! (Fireworks! Sparklers! Whoosh!!!)

Each 1st Place teammate (in each Flight) won $50; Second: $40; Third, $30 and Fourth, $25.

The teams who ultimately had the lowest Red Tee scores were among the top finishers! Surprise, surprise!! (So, if your team didn’t do well, start looking at your Red tees results!)

  Flight 1:

The 4th lowest handicap team in the flight took 1st Place with a Net 134: John Hoffman, Gale Van Nostern, Steve Klein and Peter Berk did, in fact, ham-and-egg their way to the top. 8 of their 20 scores from the Whites were tied for lowest by their teammates! (GVN tied for the Lowest Net score in the event from the Red tees at -3! Congratulations!)

A shot behind at 135 was the team of Tom Woliver, Larry Barron, Hedges Capers and Bill Guetz. Look at the Red Tees for the explanation!

Yet another shot behind at 136 were Curt Gammage, Joey Busalacchi, Dave Struwe and Mike McHugh. 

And still 1 more shot behind at 137 were Dennis Gjertson, Don Ericson John Thomas, and Jim Alford. Red tees, hello!!

  Flight 2:

Top of the heap were Glenn Crouch, Derek Evans, Kirk Crosswhite and Dana Levy at Net 134!!!

7 strokes behind at 141 were Darlo Clemens, Ray Prazen, Mike Sheppard and Manuel Alsina.

3rd, 3 strokes back at 144 were Dane Clingan, Bruce Rickard, Art Wells and Glenn Rose who REALLY ham-and-egged it with only 3 of their white scores were from multiple players having the same low scores! 17 of the 12 non-red scores were stand-alones! Wow! Particular shout-out goes to Manuel Alsina who shot 1 over Net par on his 4 Red tee holes

A single shot separated them from third at 145, 4th were Rob DeLacy, Frank Caso, Doug Hatfield and Barry O’Malley. TAKE SPECIAL NOTE: Frank Caso was the Red Tee man and did NOT succumb to the pressure of Hole 7, scoring a GROSS EAGLE 3, NET ALBATROSS 2 (TWO, that’s right), SUPERB!

It should be noted that Bill Miller was 3 under on his Red Tee holes.

And that John Diehl and Brian Lynn had  Gross 2, Net 1 on the 6th hole.

Well done, fellas.

Hope I didn’t overlook any spectacular results. Tell me if I did and I’ll send an addendum! 

With note of some pretty good results above, the booby prizes go to …..drum roll…..

  NOPE, not going there…

On to the CTP Competition:

Each Standard CTP Hole winner received $45 with $5 going to the kitty.

Each of the 3 Senior winners also won $45 with the kitty getting $25. 

            Standard                            Senior

Hole 6. Brian Lynn                            ---

Hole 9. Larry Chvatal                     Dana Levy

Hole 13. Steve Klein (See below)   Bob Gentles

Hole 17. Hedges Capers                 Peter Berk

  Note: for the 2nd time in 2 events someone (not counting our recent Sr HIO) was kick-in close on the 13th green. 

…and here is THE NOTE:

The player, Steve Klein, was at 4 inches from the hole. 

To avoid having a subsequent player get the benefit of ricocheting off the Proximity marker, I made the decision to STICK AN ORANGE TEE level with the ground at the point Steve would ordinarily have left the Proximity marker. 

BTW, this was the way we played it this year:

Both the Red Tee player’s score and the Better Net Ball of the White Tee players were the scores for the first 16 holes.

ALL PLAYERS USED the White Tees on the 17th and 18th holes; better 2 Net scores were the results for those holes.

There were 2 Flights. ALL PLAYERS were playing to 60% of their 3 month low handicaps. The highest handicap players were playing the 1st hole from the Red Tees, and every 4th hole thereafter.

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