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If you won an event this season (or last year's T of C), then you are invited to play in this cash-rich extravaganza!


Wednesday, Dec 09
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4 man team

Wednesday, Dec 23

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2 Man Team Event - Stay tuned

Wednesday, Nov 18
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Individual event. Low Gross and Net winners in each flight.

Wednesday, Nov 11
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A/B/C/D, Low Gross and Net winners

1/4 of the field will be A players, 1/4 B, 1/4 C and you guessed it, 1/4 D determined on Wednesday the day after the sign-up window closes and announced shortly thereafter.

2 scores each hole will be used for each team.

A bit of extra $$ is intended to be paid out to help motivate you to sign-up.

Teams have been made by blind draw!

Wednesday, Oct 14
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Individual stroke play, low gross and net winners in each flight.

Wednesday, Sep 23
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Individual event. Low Gross and Net winners in each flight.

Wednesday, Aug 26
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Better Net score of Partners...

Enuf is enuf...Individuals are fine but being abused by your playing partner is....better? No, just challenging.

Jump aboard and see who han-and-eggs it better than the rest.

Wednesday, Aug 12
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Individual event. Low Gross and Net winners in each flight.

Wednesday, Jul 22
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4 man team

4-man team

1 rotating player hits from the Red Tee each hole (1st, 5th , 9th, 13th, 17th) and his score counts, with his 3 partners playing from the whites and 1 of their score counts, effectively making it Better 2 Balls of 4.

The other 3 partners rotate to the Red Tee (2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, 18th; 3rd, 7th, 11th, 15th; 4th, 8th, 12, 16th).

I haven't yet decided if the progression of players hitting from the Red Tees is according to Low H/C or a random draw!!!

Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, Jul 08
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Better Ball of partners

Wednesday, Jun 24
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Individual event. Low Gross and Net winners in each flight.

Wednesday, Jun 10
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Didn't get that from the title?

Both players drive, pick the best one.  Both players hit again from that new spot, pick the best one.  Continue this process until the ball goes in.  

IF YOU CAN WALK, PLEASE DO SO: There will be players later in the round who CANNOT walk and need a cart, so help make one available for them.


  • 6 drives minimum from each player are to be used. Use the /linebox on the scorecard of the player whose Tee Shot was used for my easy identification.
  • 2nd player's shot (before the green) is to be placed within one club length of chosen ball, no nearer the hole, no improved part of the course (not from rough to fairway, or fringe to green, etc). On the green, use the same place for placement of the 2nd putter.
  • Show GROSS SCORE on each hole (on the scorecard line of the player whose tee shot was selected, as above).
  • Play from the traps; ok to lift and smooth with your foot and replace the ball, if the sand was not reasonably smooth to begin with.
  • KEEP UP PACE OF PLAY or I will penalize a major gap to the group in front of you. Play ready golf
  • Putt out; no putts are conceded; DO NOT place a marker and wait once you begin putting.
  • Put a finishing time on your card.
  • Total the front and back 9's and the round; match the cards and get 2 signatures on the card. Otherwise, disqualification can result.
  • Handicaps are the sum of 35% of lower h/c + 15% of higher h/c (as recommended by the SCGA), deducted from round totals.

Email a CLEAR COPY of the scorecard to berkabee@happyaccidents.net immediately after the round. Failure to do so can result in disqualification.

If a player of the team cannot finish the round, please advise me as soon as that happens and the remaining player is to play 2 balls for all remaining shots and chose the one to play from until the ball is holed, as though that his 2nd shot was that of his teammate. Modification of h/c will result.

Wednesday, May 27
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Individual event. Low Gross and Net winners in each flight.

FRIDAY 5/8 Update:

Several Items Of Significance:

Carts (first to all ADA, then 55 and over and now all golfers) have been authorized by the County BUT THE COURSE DOES NOT CURRENTLY HAVE FULL STAFF TO MAKE CARTS AVAILABLE TO ALL PLAYERS. This could change but it is not likely to before Wednesday's event.

So, IF YOU ARE ABLE TO WALK, please do so.

You may want to bring a bottle of hand sanitizer.

If you are to be walking a likely to need a hand-cart, the coiurse only has 13 hand carts available so plan to bring your own.

Once you start putting, putt out.

We are going to be playing from the traps: You may lift and smooth the sand with your foot, then replace the ball within proximate distance to where it landed.

At least for this event, the maximum score you are to take on a hole is to be a Double Bogey plus the stroke(s) you get on the hole, currently known as NET DOUBLE BOGEY. When that is the best you'll do, pick up and move on; we do not want to have slow play: that will result in a suspension for a yet-to-be-determined period of time..

Pick up 2 scorecards per group, match them at the end of the round and take a picture of it and send 1 via to me at berkabee@happyaccidents.net WITHIN 30 MINUTES OF COMPLETING YOUR ROUND

Wednesday, May 13
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Better Ball of partners

It's 4/15 and no word from the city/course of a startling reopening so this event is canceled.

Should soething incredible happen to change this:

We will contact membership vis this website, Club News and Events Signup invitations the moment we hear an event is likely to be playable and I'd hope you'd sign up quickly at that point.

Stay Well.

Wednesday, Apr 22
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Individual event. Low Gross and Net winners in each flight.



stay tuned for Coming Events

Wednesday, Apr 08
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I hope you so the update sent yesterday: This organized Balboa event is Canceled, though individual tee times can be made at RBI if you still want to play.

Wednesday, Mar 25
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Individual event. Low Gross and Net winners in each flight.

At the moment the course expects to be open and restrict carts to Cart Paths Only.

That certainly is subject to revision! 

If we have Cart Paths Only, as hoped for, I'd still expect (and grant) withdrawal  TODAY by 4 pm. PLEASE NOTIFY ME ASAP at berkabee@happyaccidents.net 

If Carts are not to be made available (which I would expect to hear about around 6 am tomorrow morning), I will cancel the event; I would advise you as soon as I hear.

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, Mar 11
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Individual event. Low Gross and Net winners in each flight.


Pretty simple.  Pick any 3 clubs (something to drive with, something to hit fairway shots with, and one of your wedges?) and your putter, dig out your little carry bag, fill it with some tees and golf balls, and lets go enjoy this always fun day of the season.  

Any more than 3 clubs and a putter in your bag will result in a disqualification.

We're playing it down.

Late arrival at First Tee will result in 2 stroke penalty: the Pro SHop will be advising me of violators.

Slow play will be penalized. Put your Finish Time on your card: upper right corner.

5th Flight: Pick up after you cannot achieve less that 10 and enter 10 on your scorecard and move on. This is a Pace of Play assist.

Wednesday, Feb 26
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Individual event. Low Gross and Net winners in each flight.

Wednesday, Feb 12
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Our annual 2-man Pinehurst. You know the routine...or I'll remind you, if you need it.

Pick a partner or I'll match you up with a likely candidate.

Go for it!

Wednesday, Jan 29
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It's a New Year but the rewards are going to be at least as great as the year just ending/ended.

So grab your fingers and peck your way into those "bringing it" (and a possible hangover) for the Beginning of the Year Event, the day after our Annual Dinner!

Wednesday, Jan 15