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Eat, Drink and meet Mary! I mean and be Merry...

Hey, you members of long standing and you newer members:

Golf is also about social interaction and so we'll be especially thanking those who have contributed Gift Card to their establishments for our Annual Dinner as well as other eateries in the greater SD area by having a flock or 2 of us gather for an early evening of social interaction.

Stay tuned for other locations but how about bringing your RELEVANT OTHER to Meze to start the year?! 

345 6th Avenue, near the ballpark (but there's no game there that day!). Parking is handy...

Please indicate ATTENDING here so I can advise them of how many we'll be and they'll set up an area for us.

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, Jan 12
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Happy Hour 4:30 - whenever

THE FOODERY, Market Street (4:30)

Specializing in Pizza, Sandwiches, Salads and nicely priced drinks.

Come share some time with your golf friends and their better 1/2's (or 2/3's)!

Wednesday, Aug 11
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Happy Hour (or 2)

Back to a place we visited a couple of years back:

Amplified Ale Works....great patio...1429 Island Ave (14th & Island), sorta near the ballpark.


who's coming?


Wednesday, Jul 14
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Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

We're going to Nonna, Little

Those looking for a bit of social interaction, sign up, show up, drink up, eat up and laugh and smile a lot! Spouses, dates, friends, kids invited...leave your dogs at home!

4:15-4:30 start time...

Please sign up if you expect to come and un-sign if you find you can't make it so I can tell the Busalacchi's how many we'll be.


Wednesday, Jun 09
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Outside seating in an open venue

Jimmy's Famous American Tavern, Harbor Drive, near airport.

We've had successful HH's there before. 

Start time now expected to commence at 4:15

Wednesday, May 12