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Our year-end and year beginning evening of drinks, dinner, and 2022 awards

After attempting to hear how many might join the Annual Dinner Celebration of the Mens Club and getting Affirmatives from 57Not Attending from 81 and no response whatsoever from 301, I have the following additional information:

Here is a limited time invitation to join your fellow Bal Mens’ Club members at our Annual Dinner on Tuesday January 10. The door will close by December 20th at the latest..and earlier as we hit the attending limit.

This is our 10th Dinner

Place: Antica Trattoria in a strip mall at

Location: 5654 LAKE MURRAY BLVD LA MESA, CA 91942

  •      6 minutes from La Mesa 
  •    10 minutes from El Cajon
  •    10-15 minutes from Mission Valley 
  •    12-13 minutes from Kensington and Talmadge
  •    20 minutes from Waterfront Park
  •    20 minutes from Mission Beach
  •    22 minutes from Bonita 
  •    25 minutes from Poway or National City
  •    30 minutes from Rancho Bernardo
  •    45 minutes from Oceanside 
  •    A little over an hour from Tijuana 
  •    8 hours from San Francisco

Maximum attendance: 75

Price: $60 includes choice of 3 Appetizers, choice of 3 main courses (for which an invitation will be sent to those in the event to select ahead of time), dessert, and a dinner soft drink. 



    You can

  •  Authorize Larry Chvatal to set aside the $$ from your Club Credit account and / or send him enough to cover it (he will keep me informed as to those paid) or
  • Venmo me to @Peter-Berk  (and I will update the list on-line).

Open Bar at 5:00

Dinner at 6:00.

   Menu main course choices: 

  1.       Lasagna: Baked pasta sheets + meat sauce + bechamel + parmigiano + mozzarella cheese
  2.       Pollo (Chicken): Chicken breast + choose your style: mushroom Marsala + lemon butter caper sauce + parmigiana style
  3.       Pappardelle:  House made pappardelle + porcini mushroom + wild mushroom + garlic + white wine + Gorgonzola dolce cream

      Soft drink with dinner (beer or hard liquor extra)  

   Gluton-free will be available, with advance notice.

There is ample parking in the strip center.

There will be raffles with $$ dollar rewards and probably Gift Certificates for some of the restaurants at which we have enjoyed Happy Hours and maybe even a golf course or 2.

  • There will be Awards for those who have won majors… 
  • Time to spend with your fellow competitors and buddies….
  • ….and who knows what else.

Check in now! Hope to see (75 of you) there!

What are you waiting for????

Tuesday, Jan 10