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Hanson Memorial

We are FULL !  72 ++ players, so go ahead and sign up last minute, and perhaps we'll get you in as an alternate.

Sunday, Dec 03
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2-Day Event, Low gross winner is Sr. Club Champion

Sept 5-6

SR. Champ. Round 2: Wednesday, Sep 06
SR. Champ. Round 1: Tuesday, Sep 05
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3-day event, overall low gross is club champion

3-day event: 8/20, 8/26, 8/27, overall low gross is champion, post-tournament

Club Championship Round 1: Sunday, Aug 20
Club Championship Round 2: Saturday, Aug 26
Club Championship Round 3: Sunday, Aug 27
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Single Elimination Match Play


That's right boys, the toughest tournament is back!  One on One handicaped match play with the winner scoring the biggest payday of the YEAR!!  Think of basketballs March Madness, winners get paid and move on, losers go home.  Welcome to  "THE DUEL IN THE PARK".

This is a handicapped event so everyone can play and be competitive reguardless of handicap index.

Entries are now OPEN for the Club Match Play Tournament which starts July 8th.  This year the event will be played using a more compact schedule but we will still be able to include those that have to miss a scheduled date.  Here's the tournament schedule:

The Schedule:

  • July 8th........round of 64
  • July 9th........round of 32
  • July 22nd.....round of 16
  • July 23rd......round of 8
  • Aug 4th.........Final 4
  • Aug 5th.........Finals

If you can't attend the first day (July 8th) we will try and give you a bye into the second round (if available).  If you can't play on the other scheduled dates, you can reschedule to a later date.  The match must be completed prior to the next scheduled round and the player that pospones the match will lose one handicap stroke for that match only.  LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE A CONFLICT, WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO GET YOU INCLUDED!

Entry Fee:  $25 which covers the entire event (100% payback of entry fees plus club supplement)

Pay Chart:  Every WIN scores a payday, even 1st round play!

  • 1 win..,,....$20
  • 2 wins...,,..$45
  • 3 wins...,,..$90
  • 4th place...$150
  • 3rd place...$175
  • 2nd place,.$200
  • 1st place....$250

** Based on 64 entries -- 1st round byes receive advancement but don't pay since you didn't play anyone.

The Draw: Past champions will be number 1 seeds, next will come current & past club champions, after that the 2016 money list will be used to pair the rest of the field.  Anyone not on the money list will be a 8 or 9 seed and play another unranked player.

Handicap:  You will receive 90% of your six month low index.  Players with a 16.0 or higher index will receive 95% of their index.  The course handicap you receive at the start of the event will be the handicap used for the entire tournament.

Tees:  All matches will be played from the BLUE TEES.

Entry Fee Payment:  You can pay cash or if you have money on the books, you can use your club credits.

Round of 64: Saturday, Jul 08
Round of 32: Sunday, Jul 09
Round of 16: Saturday, Jul 22
Round of 8: Sunday, Jul 23
Final 4: Saturday, Aug 05
Finals: Sunday, Aug 06
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2-man Best Ball. Top 2 team NET advance to SCGA Finals later in the year.

Lots of rules for this one.

  1. 18.4 maximum handicap index -- If a player is above that, he would have to play down to 18.4
  2. 90% of handicap for each player (10% reduction)
  3. Player's handicaps must be within 8 strokes of each other OR another 10% reduction of each players handicap applies
  4. SCGA is using the low index of the last six (6) revisions -- since they revise twice a month, I would think that means the 3 month low, like we usually use anyway

Sunday, Jun 04
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36 hole Stroke Play Net / MAJOR

Our first Major of the year.

The Presidents Cup is a 2 day stroke play Tournament, with the overall 2-day Low Net total being crowned 2017 Champion.

Day money, plus all the other games.

By the way, "Pairings Request" will fall on deaf ears in this one.  I make the pairings in a Major.

These rounds will be posted by the Event Director as Tournament rounds.

Presidents Cup - Round 1: Saturday, Mar 04
Presidents Cup - Round 2: Sunday, Mar 05