Event Details Balboa Park Golf Course, Weekday Event

Event Date
Wednesday, Apr 27 ( )
Event Format
2 Man Shamble
Event Director
Derek Lovrenich

Current Handicap Index will be used for this event.

This event will be played from the White tees (69.2/120)

NOTE - Some players may be designated to play from the red tees

Event Description

Always a fun event, the annual weekday shamble!

All side actions will be based on TEAM SCORE.

League Site on GG bpm.golfgenius.com

Primary Games:

  • SHAMBLE - Best Ball - 2 man Team
  • Low Gross 6 - Low Net @ 3 flights
  • CTP / CTP Sr

INDIVIDUAL - Side Action (Venmo: daryx)

  • $20 per man - Big Game Hunter (Winner Take All Low Gross)
  • $20 per man Gross Skins
  • $20 per man Net Skins with Par Validation

** Make sure to put skins, net skins or big game hunt in your message on venmo *



What is a SHAMBLE?

When it's said that a shamble tournament "feels more like a regular game of golf," it means that on every shot (except the second one) the golfers are, in fact, just playing regular golf. That is, they are hitting their own golf ball from its own position. That second shot exception is the scramble element that gives the twist to the shamble format.

Off the Tee

Like in a scramble, all members of a team tee off and the best drive of the tee shots is selected. All players move their balls to the location of that best drive. That is the location from which each golfer plays his or her second stroke. Therefore, if Golfer B hits the best drive, Golfer A picks up their drive, walks over to the location of B's ball, and all play their next strokes from that location.

Into the Hole

Once each golfer in a shamble plays his second stroke, he continues playing his own golf ball into the hole, in each case from wherever it lies. No more choosing the best of the second shots, best of the third shots, etc., as you'd do in a scramble tournament. That scramble element is only used after the tee balls. After that, each golfer on a team plays his or her own ball into the hole. They play "real golf," in other words.

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