Event Details Balboa Park Golf Course, Weekday Event

Event Date
Wednesday, Jan 26 ( )
Event Format
2 Man Team Pinehurst Format
Event Director
Derek Lovrenich

Current Handicap Index will be used for this event.

This event will be played from the White tees (69.2/120)

NOTE - Some players may be designated to play from the red tees

Event Description

2 Man Team Event - Pinehurst Format

Estimated Payouts: 4 Flights 6 Net (55, 40, 30, 25, 20, 15)
(Payouts subject to changes based on entry.)

Here's how Pinehurst works.
It's a two-person team format, and every hole begins with both players playing drives. The two partners walk forward to the golf balls, then they switch golf balls. Golfer A hits Golfer B's ball, from where B's drive came to rest. And Golfer B plays Golfer A's ball, from A's drive came to rest. (MAKE SURE TO KEEP A BALL IN YOUR POCKET TO PLAY SECOND SHOT ---- SO WE AREN'T RUNNING AROUND)

After their second shots, the partners compare the results. Which golf ball is in the best position? They select that ball and pick up the other.

From the third stroke on, they play alternate shot until the ball is holed.

And that's Pinehurst: Hit drives, switch balls for the second strokes, pick up the worse of the balls after the second stroke, play alternate shot into the hole from there.

Handicaps In Pinehurst System
Handicap allowances for Pinehurst competitions can be found in the USGA Handicap Manual, Section 9-4 (www.usga.com). But to summarize, on a team where Golfer A is the lower-handicapped partner and Golfer B the higher-handicapped:

Stroke play: Take 60-percent of Golfer A's course handicap and add it to 40-percent of Golfer B's course handicap for the team's Pinehurst handicap.

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