Event Details Balboa Park Golf Course, Weekday Event

Event Date
Wednesday, Jan 27 ( )
Event Format
2 Man Alternate Shot.
Event Director
Derek Lovrenich

Current Handicap Index will be used for this event.

This event will be played from the White tees (69.2/120)

NOTE - Some players may be designated to play from the red tees

Event Description

2 Man Team Event.  Players A and B drive.  Player A hits Player B's drive for his second shot.  Player B hits Player A's drive for his second shot.  They choose the best one and alternate in the rest of the hole.  Who hits the 3rd shot? If the ball you choose was hit off the tee by Player A, and was hit to where you are playing from by Player B, then Player A hits the 3rd, Player B hits the 4th, and so on.  If it was the other way around (tee by B, 2nd by A, then 3rd by B, 4th by A, etc.).  Fairly straight forward.


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